Smile Makeover Results (Review 33)

Justin Hill recently travelled from Sydney to the Gold Coast to undergo a Hollywood Smile Makeover with CosMediTour including 8 Porcelain Veneers and ZOOM Whitening!

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Justin decided to document his dental experience and share the process he went through. Watch his online Vlogs below where he gives his review and suggestions questions you should ask when looking at having Dental Veneers!

Justin’s Story

“3 years ago when I had some composite veneers put on my 2 front teeth, because when I was younger, I hit one of my big teeth on the bottom of a pool and snapped it clean in half I had to have a cap put on it. I was never really happy with that cap as it had a dark line through it. I was quoted $20,000 to have veneers done and that was about 3 years ago. Now the quote is between $5-$6,000.”

Justin Hill Before

Pre Treatment

“It all started with an early flight up to the Gold Coast, I was so excited, I was like a kid on Christmas, I could not wait to have this procedure done!

My teeth were fine, they are fine! I just want to look in the mirror and be 100% happy with what I was seeing envy single time. I recently lost a lot of weight and I’ve been concentrating on making my outside look more like I feel on the inside!


Things that I want to get fix are: My teeth tend to look a little bit dull, they loose their whiteness quite a bit and I want them to be really really white. They’re not perfectly straight, I have some overlapping of my teeth and one of them has a chip out of it. while they’re not terrible, they’re not amazing and I want them to be amazing!

Phase 1 – Consultation, Veneer Preparation – Scale & Clean, ZOOM Whitening. 

“The dentist and I talked through what I wanted, what I’d had done in the past, what sort of state my teeth were in at the moment which is really important because I didn’t realise you can’t just go and have veneers, you have to have a really stable dental structure. It’s not as straight forward as what you think it is.”

After the scale and clean there was a lot of preparation work done. Because I’m having 8 veneers on the top I needed my bottom teeth to be as white an what the veneers are going to be, so we bleached those with 3X 15 minute sessions of ZOOM whitening.


The take an imprint of your teeth and at the end of your treatment, they put that mould onto your teeth – like a temporary Veneer plate. It’s like a whiter, rougher version of my own teeth. I have this on for a couple of days and then I go back and have my new veneers put on which are being made as we speak. They’ll be a slightly different shape, and the right colour. But for the time being I have this temporary veneer on until my next appointment.

Don’t be scared!

If you’re slightly frightening of going to the dentist just do what i did and think I’m so excited for the end result. So if your sitting there thinking ‘I’m not sure if i can do this’, just think at the end of it you’re going to have an amazing smile!

After treatment

Am I happy with what I got? Absolutely! Im so overwhelming pleased with my result. They’re everything I said I wanted.


CosMediTour booked the dentist, they organised my consultation, they organised my quite they organised my accommodation.

They are white, they are straight they are exactly what I wanted and I was so excited when the dentist finished because he said “well I’m happy with those” and I thought well if you’re happy them then I’m happy with them.


The whole experience has been so amazing I cannot recommend it enough to anyone who want to have this procedure done!

Treatment Details: 8 Porcelain Veneers, Check up, Scale and clean, ZOOM Whitening
CosMediTour Package: Ultimate Gold Coast Smile Makeover Package
Location: Gold Coast
Dentist: Anthony


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