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About the CosMediTour Team Go to the About Us page to find out more about the CosMediTour team and what we do to make your quest for a beautiful smile happen. CosMediTour work as a team for every one of our clients. If your personal Client Manager is not available there is always a support staff member to help you out. We will reply to your communications as quickly as we possibly can at all times, but because of some Public Holidays including Christmas, this can affect timing. Unless it is urgent, we appreciate your patience.
Accommodation – Where do I stay? We have 5 Star and 4 Star accommodation options (depending on budget) for Phuket and Bangkok. See more in our Travel Page. Accommodation for the Gold Coast we offer the Hilton Surfers Paradise. You are also welcome to book your own accommodation or stay with friends or family.
Am I a candidate for a Dental Implant?  We will only know this when you provide a Dental Treatment Plan and report + OPG or CT Scan + reports from your dentist (that you have seen in the last 6-12 months) as this will determine your gum and bone density and where your sinus is situated. If one or all of these are compromised, then a Bone Graft, Gum Graft and / or Sinus Lift will be required.
Am I a candidate for Veneers?  Veneers are great way to cover imperfections and slightly crooked teeth – upper and lower. How many, depends on the width of your smile. Generally 8 Veneers on top are used. See Website for ‘Am I a Candidate for Veneers’ for further information.
Assessment completed over 6 months ago If you have completed the Assessment over 6 months ago and you did not proceed at that time, you may have to submit all new information and images. This will be determined after a conversation with you.
Assessment process  The Dental Assessment Form and 6 photos are required for profiling and to determine your case.  However, if you are wanting more complex treatments eg. crowns, bridge, implants, then we need the Dental Treatment and report from your Dentist that has already examined you, along with the OPG Xray + Report – current within 6-12 months.  Without these items we cannot proceed any further, other than quoting prices that are listed on the Website.   

It is very important that all 6 photos are clear and all angles are displayed (as per our Photo Instructions on the Assessment Website page.   If photos are not good enough or incomplete, you will be asked to do again.  Assessment process must be completed in full to determine your case and receive a recommendation and quote. It is best to have all information ready upfront to avoid any delays and requests, especially for those that are flying into the Gold Coast or to Thailand.

Australia prices & quality -V- Thailand Dental prices, quality, professionalism and service of both our Gold Coast and Thailand Dental Clinics are amazing – you will be very impressed. Gold Coast prices are about 20% more than Thailand, however, there is no international travel required. See our Website for the Dental Price List and Client Stories to view client testimonials and Videos. See our Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest pages for regular updates!
Bone Graft (or Bone Augmentation)  If the bone is not thick enough, is too soft or has receded over time, grafting is required to create a solid base to accept an implant. Bone graft can be done either before or during the implant procedure. Done under intravenous (IV) sedation. This may take up to 3 months to heal before any implants.
Dental Recommendation Once your Assessment has been reviewed we will call to discuss and/or email the Dental Recommendation & quote. Please note – this is a dental treatment recommendation ONLY – no accommodation or flights are included.
Dental Recommendation – What happens after receiving this? The Dental Recommendation is emailed to you after all aspects of the Assessment have been completed. After you review your Recommendation it is up to you to decide how you will proceed. Depending on the status of your oral health and what is required, the longer you leave poor dental health the worse your condition/s will become and in the end more money you will have to pay when you finally decide have treatments. The decision is up to you. All you need to do is make the commitment and then we can arrange your treatment start date with the Dental Clinic
Do carbonated sugary drinks affect the teeth? Yes definitely, and this will only enhance the issues you already have or become the beginning of an upcoming issue. These drinks speed up decay, tooth enamel wearing and recedes the gums – This is a good start to make up your mind on what is more important. These drinks also include the so called “sugarless” variety eg. Zero Coke, Sugar free Redbull etc.
Do you offer Immediate Implant Loading? Immediate dental implants are great in the perfect situation. Pre-surgical planning and expert execution of the procedure makes all the difference. It is highly specialised and may be done on a case by case basis – but generally not.
Do you offer Orthodontics – Braces or Invisalign?  Braces and/or Invisalign are not offered for Thailand, as they require an Orthodontists constant care.  Best to get orthodontics done close to where you live. If you are local to the Gold Coast, Invisalign is available.
Do you offer Dentures? Our associated dental clinics offer this treatment on a case by case basis only.
Do you offer wisdom teeth removal? No. Best to have this done by a dentist close to your home, for post care and any post treatment issues like infections.
Payments and Payment Plans Regardless how you obtain or save funds (Payment Plan options available. Finance & Payment Plans) your treatment must be paid for directly to the Clinic. Gold Coast Dental requires a deposit of the quoted treatment amount to CosMediTour to secure your treatment dates and the remaining balance to the Clinic. Thailand Clinics require full payment direct at the time of consultation. We do not take money for dental in Thailand.
Gum Graft  Gum grafting helps prevent periodontal disease or restore gum tissue to a healthy natural level. Grafting encourages regeneration of the gums. Done under intravenous (IV) sedation. Also if implants are required.
Have not been to the dentist for years – Is this a problem? Yes and if this is the case, before starting the Assessment process, we highly recommend that you see a dentist in your local area for a full examination, checkup, clean and scale and discuss your dental concerns and options for treatments.  
How long do I need to stay on the Gold Coast for my treatment? (If non local) This will depend on the treatment. Gold Coast 8 Veneer package requires 5 Nights on the Gold Coast. Treatment start on a Monday and completed by Friday – as long as everything goes to plan! If Dental Implants are required, this will have a specialised treatment schedule to return.
How long do I need to stay in Thailand for my treatment? This will depend on the treatment/s. The Dental Recommendation will note time required away Eg. 8 Veneers you may have to stay up to 10 nights. If dental implants are required, this will be a specialised treatment plan and a couple of return trips over 3 – 6 months.
OPG? What is this and why is this necessary? OPG (Orthopantomography) is a panoramic Xray showing an overall view of your entire lower face – jaws, teeth, gum, bone, joints etc. It is an excellent tool for diagnosing the status of your oral health, diseases, bone and gum density, previous work eg. root canals. This is required for more complex dental work such as root canals, implants, crowns, bridge. The OPG will assist the dentist in their dental recommendation and must be done within 12 months of submitting the assessment. If you do not have one, please get a referral to have this done and ask for a copy.
Periodontal disease, what exactly is this and can I have cosmetic dental treatments? This is a complex gum condition which needs to be treated by your local/family dentist firstly. No cosmetic treatments (veneers/crowns) will be completed with this gum disease present.
Quote without the Assessment – I just want to know how much. This will not be possible without completing the Assessment Form. The Assessment allows the actual dentist to review and determine a recommendation and quote. In the absence of this process, you can check out the website for Dental Price List for cost per treatment and get a round about rough quote.
Research your treatment  It is extremely advisable that you do your own research about the treatment you are considering.  The more ground knowledge you have, the more understanding you will have when discussing your enquiry with a CosMediTour Client Manager at the enquiry stage. Please also read our website’s Education Blogs (our most popular Treatments are: Veneers, Crowns, Bridges, Implants). The internet has an incredible amount of information for you.  The internet has an incredible amount of information available for reading.
Sinus Lift (Sinus Augmentation) Where the sinus (each side of the nose) is lying too low, bone is added to the upper jaw near the molars and premolars and between the jaw and the maxillary to “lift” the sinus membrane upward to make room for implant. Done under intravenous (IV) sedation.
Smoking – Does this affect dental health? Yes, smoking affects your entire body in general – it poisons and destroys cells, oxygen and many other detrimental effects. If you have dental issues and you smoke – best to stop and seek dental treatment as soon as possible.
Some of my Veneers have fallen off and I have stuck them back on with glue. What now?  Surprisingly, this question has been asked. If in the very rare occasion your Veneer breaks, falls off or chips, do not attempt to put them back on with any kind of glue. We recommend going back to the dentist who originally put them on to rectify the issue.
Testimonials – Where do I find these? We have a great collection of real CosMediTour clients – testimonials, images, blogs, video blogs – surgery and dental. Client Stories. Also see, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. These testimonials are our seal of approval and the amazing work done by our associated dental clinics.  
Terrified of the Dentist – What are my options? Sadly, this is a common statement and no there are no other options other than bite the bullet and just go. If you have had a past experience that has left you terrified of the dentist, you will not experience anything terrifying with our Clinics in any way. But, once again you must make that decision and set your dental priorities in the quest for better oral health and a beautiful smile. The Clinics are amazing, clients leave feeling relieved that they made the decision and walk away happy with their results.
Veneers – What are they and what’s the difference between Composite & Porcelain? See Composite vs. Porcelain Veneers on the Website. Our associated Clinics only use Porcelain Veneers.
What happens after I make an enquiry for treatments on the Gold Coast or Thailand All information will be sent to you via email initially with information about the treatment/s you have enquired about.  It is then up to you based on the information sent in reply if you proceed further to the assessment for profiling and review (depending on what is required), and which destination suits you best – Thailand or the Gold Coast.  (See Assessment Process above).
What’s the difference with Veneers and Crowns? See Website Crowns and Veneers.
What’s the difference with Veneers and Crowns brands? The two different brands for Veneers are either EMAX or Zirconia. EMAX is more transparent and natural looking where as Zirconia is more solid looking in colour.
What are dental Implants? A Dental Implant is a titanium post (like the root of your tooth) that is surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath the gum line that allows your dentist to mount replacement teeth or a bridge into that area. Most viable candidates receive the ALL ON 4 or 6. Placing less implants in the mouth is better due to less trauma to the mandibular/maxillary bone. See Website Dental Implants.
When are CT Scans needed? Cone-beam Computed Tomography (CT) scan provides a 3D image of your bone and primarily taken for Dental Implant clients. The dentist will determine if this is required after you complete the Assessment.
Will dentists use General Anaesthetic during any cosmetic or restorative treatments? No. Dentists use specialised Dental Anaesthesia and sedation. Carefully applied, you will only feel mild discomfort during the application. And in turn you will feel only mild to no discomfort whilst having your treatment.

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