Our Process


1. Enquiry & Assessment

Enquire with us via our website, email, phone or social media. We can then send you specific information OR book in your FREE CosMediTour Client Manager Consultation.

At this stage you can complete and submit our website Online Assessment form, with all your details, requirements, expectations, medical information and attach the required images and scans. This can also be done in our office during a CosMediTour Client Manager Consultation and by visiting your local dentist.

2. Dental Treatment Plan

After all information and images have been profiled and sent to one or more of our Clinics, a Dental Specialist will be assigned to your case at each Clinic. After reviewing all information and images, the Dentist/s will provide to us a Dental Treatment Plan with estimated cost and how long you are required to be in Thailand or on the Gold Coast

3. Dates Confirmed

After your travel date is secured, your treatment schedule will be set, and all booking arrangements and further documentation will begin.
Two weeks prior to departure, you will receive a comprehensive ‘Client Travel Folio’ with your travel details, Dental Clinic Treatment Plan (view Client Travel Folio details), Transfers, Accommodation Vouchers and other documentation and information required for a seamless surgical journey.

4. The NEW YOU!

Prior to your treatment commencing, you will have a face-to-face consultation and examination with the Dental Specialist to discuss all options and techniques. Most dental treatments will require more than one trip to the Clinic, these visits will be coordinated by the Clinic after your initial consultation to determine an accurate treatment plan.
Pre-treatment examinations may be done. These tests are required to ensure there are no health risks and for the patients having a surgical procedure, this will ensure you are fit for surgery and anesthesia.

If you are are having a surgical procedure and when it is time for your surgery, you will meet your Anaesthetist, and following preparation you will undergo General Anaesthesia, followed with your surgery.

After you have awaken from your anaesthesia, you will be taken back to your private room for recovery – during which time you will be constantly monitored by Registered Nurses and Medical Practitioners. Pain medication will be administered as required.

When your Specialist has determined you have recovered sufficiently to leave the Hospital or Clinic. You will be discharged and transferred by private vehicle to your Hotel or Resort – to spend the next week or so recovering. During this time we will be in contact with you, and you will have full access to our Destination Client Managers, and all necessary medical and other support personnel.

5. Ongoing Support

You will have a follow up appointment with your Dental Specialist before you leave your destination. Your CosMediTour Client Manager will be in contact with you during your recovery to make sure everything is going well.

Your CosMediTour Client Manager in Australia will also contact you to arrange a follow up, in our office or by phone, to discuss your results and overall experience about your “CosMediTour Surgical Journey”.

Have a question, or like to enquire about a procedure?