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Established in 2009, CosMediTour  is now recognised as Australia’s No. 1 Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Dentistry company offering Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Procedures and Packages and Dental Treatments in Thailand and Australia. We are the first and only Company to offer cosmetic surgery procedures and holiday packages exclusively with Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons and Dentists in Bangkok, Phuket and Australia.

CosMediTour was established following the Directors and Founders personal experience as ‘Medical Tourists’ over the past 30 years – in the 80’s in Mexico, the 90’s in the USA and the 00’s in Thailand. Many of our Team have also had cosmetic plastic surgery in Thailand and Australia, and are in the position to inform and support our Clients and Patients at a professional and personal level.

Our Australian head office is located on the Gold Coast in Queensland, and we have offices in Bangkok and Phuket.

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