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CosMediTour Payment Plan

Similar to a Layby

  • Not a finance plan – so no credit checks, interest or fees!
  • No approval process
  • Can be applied to any procedure or package
  • Make payments whenever you wish, up until 3 weeks prior to surgery**
  • Dental price locked in / no increases (for standard cases and if for Thailand in Thai Baht)
  • Flexible payment amounts
  • Can be cancelled at any time with a full refund~

With the exclusive interest-free CosMediTour Payment Plan you can deposit funds to a nominated CosMediTour bank account until the agreed amount is paid. Accommodation at special CosMediTour rates can also be added to the Payment Plan.

CosMediTour Payment Option Examples*

Price (AUD)CosMediTour Payment Plans

** CosMediTour Payment Plan Instalments

A minimum of $150 per Payment Plan instalment is payable until the Agreed Amount is paid not later than 3 weeks prior to departure. The above figures are based on a 12 month period, shorter loan periods are available. You can top up additional payments and higher amounts at any time – as there are no ‘set dates’ with penalties for missing a date or payment. You can therefore pay out the account early at your discretion.

~ Cancel At Any Time

The Payment Plan can be cancelled by the Client at any time, in which case CosMediTour will
refund to the Client all funds deposited, except for the Deposit.

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